STEM Education-Flight into 21st century...!

BY- Atul Srivastava Aug 14 2018

‘STEM Education’, that involves Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, is a rather new term in the Indian education sector. STEM education creates critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and next generation innovators.



New Paradigm


The New Paradigm

BY- Atul Srivastava Aug 06 2018

Technology does not mean the end of traditional textbooks as it is often misunderstood. Is that actually a good thing for students and teachers?




Think Outside The Box…!

BY- Atul Srivastava Jul 26 2018

Are you considering homeschooling? Most of us feel nervous as we made the decision. Can I do this? Do I have enough education? Will I be able to work with my child? Can I balance work or family demands with homeschooling?




Digital Parenting, a New Dish on Indian Platter...!

BY- Atul Srivastava Jul 23 2018

In this age of information, many parents are finding it tough to keep up with their digital kids. Sometimes they are baffled, often surprised, by the sheer pace on which gears move in the digital world.




Not Only Blackboard and Chalk…!

BY- Atul Srivastava Jul 20 2018

Around 250 million children around the world cannot read, write, or do basic arithmetic, although many of them have been in school for some years. “Schooling Ain’t Learning” states the subtitle of the excellent book from Lant Pritchett, “The Rebirth of Education,” which analyzes the challenges the developing world faces to ensure improvements in literacy and numeracy.




Overburdened kids are bad players

BY- Atul Srivastava Jul 18 2018

Is America’s obsessive achievement culture is making children sick or smart? People are talking about it passionately. After all, it involves their children and their future.




From Contemporary Blackboards to Digital Classroom, a Flight into Virtual World of Learning

BY- Atul Srivastava Jul 09 2018

Albert Einstein once said, “Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.” Initiatives like Digital India are a key corollary to changing the educational landscape of India. Digital literacy is the buzzword of a new emerging generation of students and it is broadly




Ed Leadership A Catalyst for Change in Realm of Education

BY- Atul Srivastava Jul 04 2018

Ed Leadership brings together worldwide experts to share their success stories and engage in conversations that lead to change. Each roundtable since January 2008 has focused on creating an effective engagement between education leaders and experts from across the world.